Premium Concrete Floor Coatings - Full 15-year Written Guarantee (Sarasota)


Our 1-DAY concrete coating installation process turns your stained, peeling, unsightly and cracked concrete into an area you can be proud of, all while adding durability, easy to clean and long-term protection.

Fortress Floor Coatings brings to the Sarasota/Bradenton Metro area the latest advances in concrete surface coating technology. We provided phenomenal concrete coating work for a variety of residential and commercial projects. As one of the most roughly treated rooms of your entire home, your garage demands flooring that's tough against heavy weight and frequent foot traffic and sturdy enough for outdoor temperature variations. With the innovative garage floor coatings of Fortress Floor Coatings, you can get world-class durability and designer style, too! We're proud to offer the best concrete floor coatings, with expert installations and top-notch customer service to match.


We provide a full 15-year written guarantee against peeling, chipping, cracking, fading or yellowing. Installed and dry within 2-4 hours after installation and fully cures in just 24 hrs and you can then park your vehicle on the floor.

Features & Benefits

1 - Day Installation • Dries in 2 to 4 hours • Fully Cures in 24 hours • Seamless • Monolithic Floor • 20 Times Stronger than Epoxy • Will Not Chip or Crack • No "Hot-tire Pickup • Will Not Peel • 98% More Flexible Than Epoxy • Same Day Return to Service • 25 - 30 Mils Thick • 100% UV Protection • Will not Fade or Yellow • Chemical Resistant • Very high Abrasion & Scratch Resistance • High Impact Resistance • Stain Resistance • Incredible Corrosion Protection • Extreme Durability • Low VOC • Virtually No Odor • Easy to Clean • Spills sit on top of coating • Will Not Penetrate • 100`s of Color Options • Full 15-Year Warranty • Full 5-Year Commercial Warranty • Can be applied in temps from -20 F to 120 F • 100% Environmentally Friendly • Anti Microbial • Anti-Bacterial • USDA Approved • FDA Approved

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